ACT English : Analyzing Contextual Relevance

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Example Questions

Example Question #21 : Revising Content

Which of the following edits best modifies the passage?

1.We had been searching for the treasure for months. 2. I had wanted to be the captain of a ship sailing the high seas since I was a child. 3. Our rations and clean water were running low, and, thus, so was our time. 4. I climbed to the crows nest to search the area again, and I hoped this time would not be in vain.

Possible Answers:

Sentence 2 should be removed


Sentence 3 should be the first sentence

Sentence 2 should be moved to after Sentence 4

Correct answer:

Sentence 2 should be removed


Sentence 2 gives information that is irrelevant to the current paragraph, which is concerned with a search for treasure, not the speaker's childhood wishes. While the information may be relevant to the whole story that this paragraph belongs to, it is not relevant here, and, therefore, should be removed.

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