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Question of the Day: SAT II Latin

Choose the correct answer from the options below

The correct subjunctive imperfect active of the verb of videtis is __________.






Latin is considered to be a dead language as there are no native speakers today. However, Latin continues to be taught in schools throughout the world as a second language. It is even more commonly seen in scientific and legal writing. If you have spent at least two years studying Latin, it is possible to showcase your talents to universities across the country. The SAT is a standardized exam used by universities to determine the skills of applicants. Outside of the main exam, the SAT is also broken down into twenty Subject Tests to help institutes learn more about prospective students. The SAT II Latin Subject Test is composed of 75 multiple-choice questions that will test your knowledge and skills in the language. This test can enhance your application and possibly allow you to place into higher-level courses. Given the benefits of a great score, it is important to perform well on the day of the test. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools provide study aids designed to assist you with your test preparations.

Question of the Day is one of several free daily test review tools available for your use. This Learning Tool was created to give you a glimpse at similar questions found on the official SAT II Latin Subject Test. The exam will take a deeper look into your knowledge regarding grammar, syntax, translation, reading comprehension, and derivatives. You will be expected to complete sentences in Latin, determine the English derivatives of Latin words, express thoughts and ideas in Latin, and provide an analysis regarding Latin poems and paragraphs. Question of the Day offers problems in each of these areas to give you a well-rounded review.

Question of the Day provides many benefits without being overly complicated. You will begin by resolving the randomly selected multiple-choice problem for the day. Each question, no matter how you answer, will be followed up by an explanation on the correct response, an in-depth look into the highlighted concept, and similar problems for you to work through. Question of the Day will also allow you to track your own progress and growth; you can discover the number of questions you have answered correctly, review past problems, and check in with your speed. If you enjoy competition, you can also view how others are doing. Compare yourself to the number of those who have answered correctly and discover where you lie in a percentile ranking. You will gain access to more information as you continue to answer questions, making it important that you work with this system on a regular basis.

While using Question of the Day, consider adding other Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools to your daily test review. These tools work well independently and when paired with another. Learn by Concept and Flashcards use memorization techniques to help build upon your current skillset, while Practice Tests emulate the SAT II Latin Subject Test by offering sample questions similar to the official exam format. Each Learning Tool was created to offer you an in-depth review of the Latin language.

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