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Question of the Day: SAT II Biology E

In a certain flower, a blue petal phenotype is dominant to a white petal phenotype. If you cross a heterozygous flower with a homozygous recessive flower, what is the probability of inheritance for the white petal phenotype?

When applying to colleges, it is important to show your strengths to the admissions staff. Typically, this is proven through transcripts as well as standardized testing scores. The SAT is one of several ways in which higher education institutes can view your progress and skills. However, one SAT score is often not enough to satisfy a university. Many colleges now require students to submit several scores from the SAT Subject Tests as well. These tests are based on specific subjects, such as math and science, to showcase your abilities and provide the university with an insight on where you intend to focus your studies. The SAT II Biology E Subject Test is centered on ecological biology. All students sitting for the Biology examination answer the same set of 60 questions before being split into Ecology and Molecular Biology for the final 20 questions. This is the only SAT II Subject Test that allows you to decide which area you would like to focus on. While this may seem a bit overwhelming, there are many study materials available to help you prepare for test day. Question of the Day is one of many Learning Tools you can incorporate into your daily study habits.

Question of the Day is a Learning Tool that allows you to put a mini study session into your day. Whether you need a refresher to your other study materials or just need to squeeze in a quick review, Question of the Day is a perfect go-to source. Each day, the system pulls a randomly selected problem based on what will be seen on the official examination. For the SAT II Biology E Subject Test, you will be required to showcase your knowledge in energy flow, biological communities, and populations. Question of the Day is geared toward each of these areas to ensure maximum exposure to possible test questions.

Question of the Day is simple and straightforward. Once you have opened the Learning Tool, you will be presented with the multiple-choice problem chosen for the day. No matter which answer you choose, an explanation pertaining to the correct option will be provided. You will also have access to similar questions and an in-depth analysis regarding the featured concept. These two bits of information will allow you to gain understanding in areas that may seem confusing.

Tracking your own progress is also easy with Question of the Day. You can review previous questions, see your current percentage of correct and incorrect answers, and discover where you hold your strengths and weaknesses. Comparing yourself to other users is also easy. Here, you can see the percentage of students who have answered correctly and discover your percentile ranking. The more problems you complete while using Question of the Day, the more in-depth information you will be provided with.

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