Test: LSAT Logic Games

Five basketball players - Adams, Griffin, Jones, Smith, and Washington - were ranked in five statistical categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks.  Each player was the leader in one category and there were no ties.  No other players were considered for the purpose of these rankings.  The rankings of the players met the following conditions:

Smith ranked higher in points than in rebounds.

Griffin had a better ranking in rebounds than in assists and steals.

Adams was not the highest point scorer.

Washington was ranked last in blocks.


Which of the following could represent the leader of each statistical category?

Adams in Blocks; Griffin in Rebounds; Jones in Assists; Smith in Points; Washington in Steals.

Adams in Steals; Griffin in Rebounds; Jones in Blocks; Smith in Rebounds; Washington in Points.

Adams in Rebounds; Griffin in Points; Jones in Steals; Smith in Assists; Washington in Blocks.

Adams in Rebounds; Griffin in Steals; Jones in Blocks; Smith in Points; Washington in Assists.

Adams in Points; Griffin in Rebounds; Jones in Assists; Smith in Blocks; Washington in Steals.

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