ISEE Upper Level Verbal : Nouns and Adjectives or Adverbs in Two-Blank Sentences

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Example Question #1541 : Isee Upper Level (Grades 9 12) Verbal Reasoning

Choose the word or set of words that best completes the following sentence.

Some people can subtly break rules without being perceived, while others are far too __________ to escape __________.

Possible Answers:

noisy . . . detainment

nefarious . . . arrest

overzealous . . . reproach

blatant . . . detection

curmudgeonly . . . oversight

Correct answer:

blatant . . . detection


The sentence implies an opposition between those who subtly break rules and those who are not so subtle, leading to their being noticed.   Note, that the second word must be related to “perceived,” thus eliminating options like “arrest” and “detainment,” which imply more than mere detection. The best option is “blatant, detection,” for someone who is “blatant” is someone who is very “out in the open” and “unsubtle.” The word “detection” is a much better match than the other options for the manner that the blatant person is noticed.

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