FTCE : Knowledge of probability, statistics, and data interpretation

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Example Questions

Example Question #12 : Mathematics

What is the likelihood, expressed as a percentage, of rolling 2 straight 2s using one 6-sided dice?

Possible Answers:





Correct answer:



The likelihood of rolling any given number on a 6-sided dice is 16.6%, to get the likelihood of that even happening twice in a row, simply multiply 16.6% by itself, to get 2.7%, rounded up to 3%

Example Question #1 : Knowledge Of Probability, Statistics, And Data Interpretation

A set of ten scores has mean 30.

Nine of the scores are given below, with the circle representing the tenth.

What is the tenth score?

Possible Answers:

Correct answer:


The mean of a group of scores is equal to their sum divided by the number of scores , or,

Set and , and solve for :

Multiply both sides by 10 to reverse division by 10:

The sum of the scores must be 300. Add the known scores:

Subtract this sum from 300:


the missing tenth score.

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