CLEP Humanities : Identifying Architects, Buildings, and Schools of Medieval Architecture

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Identifying Architects, Buildings, And Schools Of Medieval Architecture

Which of the following churches is NOT an example of Gothic architecture?

Possible Answers:

Rouen Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

Hagia Sophia

Westminster Abbey

Lincoln Cathedral

Correct answer:

Hagia Sophia


Beginning in the twelfth century in Europe, Gothic architecture dominated the building of churches across the continent, with its massive facades, extreme buliding heights, and ornate stone work. This style was used both in new churches like Rouen Cathedral and Lincoln Cathedral, and also in the rebuilding and renovation of structures, as with both Westminster Abbey and Notre Dame Cathedral. This was not the only church style, however, as the Greek churches developed their own massive church architectural style, exemplified by the Hagia Sofia in Constantinople (present day Istanbul).

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