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Question of the Day: CLEP Biology

The Atomic Number of an element is:
Its Number Of Neutrons
Its Number Of Electrons
Its Number Of Neutrons Plus Electrons Plus Protons
Its Number Of Protons

If you are a high school student who wants to pursue a career related to biology, or you want to get college credit to graduate faster, the CLEP Biology subject test is a great exam for you. CLEP stands for College-Level Examination Program, and these certified exams allow high school students like you to test out of college courses for credit. You can earn up to three credits per exam, so the CLEP Biology subject exam helps you, as a high school student, get ahead in your college career. In order to do well on the test, you can use tools like Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools Question of the Day to help you get daily test practice. 

The CLEP Biology exam covers material that would be taught in an entry-level biology college course. When you pass this exam, you get credit for the class without the time and expense of taking it. This means you can take more interesting science classes sooner in your college career, and that helps you graduate sooner, focus your career more, show colleges you’re serious about getting a great education, and even get started on your graduate studies earlier. However, you must pass the CLEP Biology exam to earn this credit. Cramming at the last minute will not adequately prepare you for this tough test.

The Question of the Day is one tool you can incorporate into your study plan. The questions are based on past CLEP Biology exams, so you can prepare for the formatting of the exam while also becoming deeply familiar with the material on the test. Not only does the CLEP Biology Question of the Day tell you whether you answered the question right or wrong – it also helps you chart your progress with graphs. You can compare how well you’ve done on specific questions, so you can focus your daily test review on information you are less familiar with. You can also see how your studying pays off as you answer more questions correctly. You can even compare your knowledge to other students using the CLEP Biology Question of the Day to study for this college credit exam.

Another great aspect of the Question of the Day is the explanation of the correct answer, found at the bottom of the page. Whether you answered this question right or wrong, the Question of the Day’s explanation offers deeper insight into why the answer is correct. This helps you gain more knowledge that you can apply to other, similar questions that come up on future Questions of the Day, and on the CLEP Biology exam, too!

The Question of the Day also has a timer feature, so you can see how long you take to answer questions. This helps you get used to the high-pressure environment of a timed exam, as well as gauge which questions are harder for you, so you can continue to focus your test review every time you have a study session.

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