SAT Math : How to find the perimeter of a pentagon

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Example Questions

Example Question #13 : Geometry


Aristotle High School has an unusual track in that it is shaped like a regular pentagon. Each side of the pentagon measures 264 feet.

Benny runs at a steady speed of eight miles an hour for ten minutes, starting at point A and working his way clockwise. When he is finished, which of the following points is he closest to?

Possible Answers:

Point E

Point C

Point A

Point D

Point B

Correct answer:

Point C


Benny runs at a rate of eight miles an hour for ten minutes, or  hours. The distance he runs is equal to his rate multiplied by his time, so, setting in this formula:


One mile comprises 5,280 feet, so this is equal to 


Since each side of the track measures 264 feet, this means that Benny runs 


This means Benny runs around the track for 25 sidelengths, which is 5 complete times, back to Point A; he then runs one more complete sidelength to Point B; and, finally, he runs  of a sidelength, finishing closest to Point C.

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