Test: LSAT Logical Reasoning

At a particular bakery, sales have increased in each of the last six months. The top-selling item at the bakery is the peanut butter cookie. Due to concerns over nut allergies, the bakery has temporarily taken the peanut butter cookie off the menu and replaced it with the all-new snickerdoodle cookie. It is fair to say that the bakery's sales will not increase for a seventh consecutive month.


Which of the following assumptions does the author's argument rely upon?

The snickerdoodle cookie will not be the top-selling cookie.

The peanut butter cookie was so significant to overall sales that its replacement will halt sales growth.

Aside from the peanut butter cookie, the rest of the menu at the bakery remains unchanged.

The snickerdoodle cookie will not be as popular as the peanut butter cookie was.

The bakery has been in business for only six months.

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