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The Varsity Tutors Common Core Math 2nd Grade Mobile App

If you are working to help your child improve his or her understanding in 2nd Grade Math, the Varsity Tutors Common Core 2nd Grade Math app might be a good fit for you. This free program is available for Apple and Android devices, and it is a great way to help you ensure that your child gets the assistance they need to succeed in the course. While the areas covered in Common Core curriculum varies between states, this program is designed to cover the most common courses of study, ensuring that your child will be able to get a better understanding of the course.

Studying with this app is a great way to help them get the skills needed to succeed in a number of areas. They can learn many different topics, such as counting in various multiples, making conversions between centimeters and inches, and being able to describe and understand various geometrical shapes. When you make this program a part of your child’s study routine, you are working to give them a balanced education that prepares them for any challenges they may face in the course.

The Common Core 2nd Grade Math app provides the user with a number of resources, which they can access easily from their mobile devices. This makes learning a convenient and easy experience that can be done anywhere and anytime. If you want your child to benefit from a quick study session, try accessing the Question of the Day. This question changes daily, so they are always able to tackle a new question and new area that is part of 2nd-grade mathematics.

If you want your child to benefit from a more active studying approach, the flashcards and Learn by Concept tools are an excellent choice for you. There are a variety of flashcards available, and they are conveniently arranged by context. This means that your child can choose specific areas to review, which allows them to practice any problem areas they may have, or even make your own deck of cards. Additionally, the Learn by Concept feature acts as an interactive syllabus. With it, they can choose to learn from a virtual course outline that covers everything commonly covered in Common Core 2nd Grade Math.

When you feel it is time to test your child’s proficiency levels, simply have them access one of the practice tests available on the app. There are a number of short, topic-specific practice tests that are designed to evaluate specific areas of the course. These tests are great for quick study sessions, as they are only a few minutes in length. Your student can also take one of the Full-Length Practice Tests, which are comprehensive and much longer. These are the ideal way to test their overall knowledge of the subject, as well as prepare them for any upcoming exams. Not only do these tests provide you with an answer key that allows you to learn from your mistakes, but you can also see your results in graphic representation, see how your scores rank against the average test taker, and see the difficulty of each question answered.

The Varsity Tutors Common Core 2nd Grade Mathematics app is free of charge and available through iTunes or the Google Play Store. By making this a regular part of your child’s study regimen, you are working to help them get the balanced education needed to succeed in the course.

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As your child transitions from first to second grade, their understanding of mathematical concepts will become broader. Math instructional time in second grade is focused on four central areas; expanding understanding of base-ten notation; increasing fluency with subtraction and addition; standard units of measure; and further analyzing and describing shapes. Throughout the year, they will take the concepts they mastered in kindergarten and first grade and expand them to prepare for the more complex concepts which will be presented in the third grade. While they will be presented with new concepts, they will be focusing intently on fully mastering those concepts that lay the foundation for the following year. For this important year, a supplementary mathematical study tool like Varsity Tutors’ Common Core Second Grade app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices may be the perfect fit for you and your child.

Through the second grade, most states do not require children to participate in standardized testing to confirm concept mastery. This is typically the last year before testing becomes mandatory, and is often used to ensure students are fully capable of putting the information they have learned into practical use. To ensure the Common Core Standards are being met, teachers will test students throughout the year. You can let your child sample this type of testing with the free practice tests from the Varsity Tutors Common Core Second Grade Math app, available for download from iTunes and the Google Play Store.

The operations and algebraic thinking standard focuses on increasing your child’s fluency with subtraction and addition, and lays the foundations for multiplication. Your child will continue to use subtraction and addition within 100, but they will begin to do this within the context of word problems that require up to two steps.

The ability to complete math problems mentally is a necessary component of more advanced math. As problems become more complex, students have less time to physically count out the answers for addition and subtraction problems. By the end of the second grade, they will be able to fluently subtract and add within 20 by utilizing mental strategies. They will also be expected to recall from memory the sums comprised of any two single digit numbers. As they begin to fully master addition, they will begin laying the foundations for multiplication. Your child will determine whether a group of objects of 20 or less is odd or even. To do this, they will count the objects by twos and write equations expressing the even number.

The number and operations in base ten standard focuses on building a firm understanding of place value and how it relates to addition and subtraction. Your child will be expected to understand that three digits within a three-digit number are representative of amounts of ones, tens, and hundreds. For example, 812 is equal to 8 hundreds, 10 tens, and 2 ones.

The ability to identify and label place value will become increasingly important, but this is just another concept available for study on the go in the comprehensive Varsity Tutors Common Core Second Grade Math app for your iPad, iPhone, or Android-powered device. Counting and addition will become more automatic as your child begins to count by 5s, 10s, and 100s. By the end of the year, your child should be able to mentally add or subtract 10 or 100 to any number between 100 and 900. Reading and writing numbers through 1,000 will be completed using expanded form, base-ten numerals, and number names. Your child will learn to compare two three-digit numbers based on the ones, tens, and hundreds digits. They will identify these numbers as >, <, or = to one another.

Addition and subtraction will become more complex throughout the second grade. Your child will be expected to fluently subtract and add within 100, and add up to four two-digit numbers. They will begin to add and subtract within 1000 using images or manipulatives, and be expected to relate that to a written method. In order to successfully accomplish this, they will need to understand that the place values they are adding or subtracting must be the same. For example, hundreds must be added to hundreds, and ones subtracted from ones. Within this framework, your child must further understand it is sometimes necessary to compose or decompose numbers from the hundreds or tens place. Finally, they should be able to explain the process of addition or subtraction and why it works.

The measurement and data standard focuses on measurement, time, money, interpreting data, and using addition and subtraction to calculate length. Your child will work with estimating and measuring lengths using standard units such as inches, centimeters, feet, and meters with the appropriate tools. They will begin building an understanding of how these units relate to one another by measuring objects using two different units of length for measurements. Your child will learn to relate subtraction and addition to measurements by solving word problems within 100 that involve lengths. They will also begin working with line diagrams to represent units of length in whole numbers up to 100.

Understanding of time and money as units of measurement increase throughout the second grade. Students are expected to read and write time using digital and analog clocks within the nearest five minutes. They are further expected to differentiate between a.m. and p.m. Subtraction and addition will be integrated with the concept of money, and students will be expected to solve word problems using monetary totals.

The geometry standard further builds on your child’s ability to reason with shapes and understand the attributes associated with specific shapes. Your child will be expected to correctly identify a wide variety of shapes and identify specific attributes of selected shapes, such as the number of angles or equal faces. They will expand their knowledge of fractions by partitioning shapes into equal sized portions and counting to find the total number of portions. They will identify these portions with words such as halves, half of, thirds, four fourths, etc.

It is important to take the time during your child’s second-grade year to make certain he or she has truly mastered the Common Core Math Standards for 2nd grade, as well as those from the previous years. Many parents are familiar with the high-stakes standardized testing that begins in third grade, but fail to realize the importance of beginning preparation for the test early. By ensuring that each standard has been mastered in the second grade, the new concepts they will be introduced in the third grade should be integrated more easily and cause less testing anxiety at the end of the year. You can prepare your child to master these concepts, and build a solid mathematical foundation for the future, when you download Varsity Tutors’ free Common Core Second Grade Math app from iTunes or the Google Play Store today.