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The Varsity Tutors NCLEX Mobile App

If you are planning on working in the field of nursing, you will probably need to take the NCLEX exam before you can become licensed. This exam is comprehensive and known to be difficult for a lot of people. For this reason, Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools can help you get the assistance you need to pass your test and become a licensed nurse.

If you are looking to supplement your learning sessions with in-depth study tools, you should consider downloading the Varsity Tutors NCLEX mobile learning app through iTunes or the Google Play Store. This app can help you turn your portable device into a study center that helps you get the understanding needed to prepare for your test.

The NCLEX covers a variety of topics, including such areas as care management, health promotion, psychosocial wellbeing, biology, treatment plans, and infection control. If you are looking to study any of these topics, or many more that are present on the exam, consider accessing the Learn by Concept feature on the program. This tool acts as an interactive syllabus that has all the content arranged into easy to find topics, where you can click and learn about a given area.

If you are interested in receiving a quick study session that can help you keep the content of the NCLEX in the forefront of your mind, try accessing the Question of the Day every day. Here, you will be given a new question every day on NCLEX topics such as cancer treatments, drug interactions, viruses, nutrition, and a number of other topics.

Once you have sufficiently reviewed, be sure to utilize the flashcards as a way to reinforce the information that you have just studied. The content covered in the flashcards is arranged by topic, making it easy to select a specific deck that covers a certain part of the NCLEX. You can even create your own decks, allowing you to benefit from a customized learning experience.

To further review the NCLEX topics, try assessing your knowledge by taking one of the many practice tests on the program. There are a variety of short practice tests that are limited to specific topics, or are general tests that consist of a few questions. This is a great way to engage in a quick study session that targets specific areas. You can also take one of the Full-Length Practice Tests. These are much longer than the other practice tests, and they evaluate your knowledge of everything covered on the actual exam. They are even designed to simulate the actual test.

Both types of practice tests come with a number of benefits. Each comes with an answer key, as well as a detailed explanation that accompanies each question. You can learn important terms and definitions while reading about how the correct answer was reached. You can also see your results at the end of each test, where you can compare how you performed to the average test taker, see how long you took to answer each question, and even share your results over social media.

The Varsity Tutors NCLEX app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is a free and convenient application that can help you get the assistance needed to succeed on test day.

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The National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX, is taken by potential nurses throughout the nation. You are expected to take the NCLEX to gain entrance to the nursing program of your choice. You can take the NCLEX-RN to become a registered nurse and the NCLEX-PR for practical nursing. The test is created by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc., and is designed to assess your preparation for entry-level nursing. You are expected to demonstrate your knowledge, abilities, and skills as they relate to nursing. The exam is taken on a computer using an adaptive testing format that makes adjustments to the skill-level of the questions based on your answers. Your answers are not compared to others who take the test, rather it is compared to your specific knowledge. This may sound pretty intimidating, but you can supplement your training with the free Varsity Tutors NCLEX app for iPhone, iPad, and Android device.

The NCLEX has changes made to it every three years. If you are taking the exam to enter a registered nursing program, you will see questions that require you to assess, analyze, plan, intervene and correct, or evaluate. They traditionally fall into one of the five steps of nursing. The practical nurse exam presents you a license upon completion. Each exam provides questions that have a focus on patient needs. There are several pertinent areas of content that you are required to be capable in, such as ethics, pharmacology, and other areas.

The NCLEX tests assess your skills and abilities as a nurse. Questions are presented primarily as word problems with multiple choices. However, there are also free response and listing questions, so memorization and comprehension are certainly expected. These questions have three different levels. The basic level assesses your ability to recall information and facts. The second calls for you to analyze and interpret information. The final level asks you to judge, assess, and integrate content. All of these topics are covered with a number of free preparatory tools within Varsity Tutors’ NCLEX app, available from iTunes and the Google Play Store.

The first section of the exam focuses on your understanding of conditions and how they are treated. You will need to have an in-depth knowledge of cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and musculoskeletal conditions. In addition, you will see questions pertaining to neural, psychological, obstetrics, and gynecological conditions. You will need to be able to identify certain types of conditions, note their causes and treatments, and detail the follow-up procedures related to each one. You may see questions that ask you about the symptoms or diagnosis tests that can be performed for these conditions as well. You will need to be able to demonstrate that you can readily recall this information, as well as assessment skills and understanding of specific language.

The next content section of the NCLEX revolves around care, ethics, and processing as it relates to patients and clients. You will be required to respond to questions that relate to the responsibilities you are legally held to as a nurse, as well as patient rights. These concepts serve as the foundation for a safe, effective environment. You might see questions that ask you about isolation precautions or safety measures that you may take to prevent infections or other injuries. In addition, there are numerous questions on nursing management, laboratory testing, and reading results accurately. You will need to be capable of prioritizing patients appropriately, maintaining your psychosocial integrity, and tending to specific types of care, such as alcohol abuse, gerontology, postpartum, and mental disabilities, among others.

There are many concepts that relate to general biology that you will be tested on, which require an in-depth understanding of various biological systems and how they work. In order to care for the human body, you need to know the human body very well. You will see questions on the respiratory system and the various conditions that can strike the lung, how it exchanges gas, and the function of the upper respiratory tract. You may be tasked with defining the relationship between multiple systems, or working with other biological concepts.

As a nurse will need to understand how to combat different types of bacteria and other microorganisms, you will need to demonstrate a proficient level of knowledge about bacterial physiology and classifications. You may face questions that require you to identify different types of bacteria based on certain characteristics, or ones that ask you to discuss specific types of viruses. Further, you will be tasked with assessing treatment options for types of viral infections or other illnesses.

From there, you will see problems that are related to the pharmaceutical side of nursing. You will be required to identify types of drugs and how they should work, while demonstrating a thorough knowledge of potential side effects that can be caused by the drug itself. Further, you should be aware of the complications that can arise when one pairs multiple drugs together. You might be asked questions that want you to determine the type of drugs that should be combined together to provide relief from neural conditions, or you could be given a coupling that you need to assess for side effects. In addition, the exam will assess your understanding of general pharmacology concepts. You might be tasked with defining the accurate dosage for different types of drugs, or identifying cell ligands within a particular type of bacteria. You will additionally need to recall the fundamental concepts you were introduced to in early pharmacology courses, such as reading pediatric charts or identifying pertinent details of a psychiatric test. When you combine this with all previous topics, you can see just how comprehensive the NCLEX is, but when you download the free Varsity Tutors NCLEX app for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, you can drill every concept extensively.

When you intend to attend a specific nursing program, you will need to take the NCLEX-RN or -PN. Each of these exams cover similar information presented in a similar format. You will need to display skills that are pertinent to the exam. You will want to do your best to truly shine and show that you have the level of understanding necessary to succeed in the exam and its coursework. Due to the adaptive nature of the exam, you may receive between 75 and 265 questions. Sixty out of the first 75 count, while the remaining questions are simply questions being tried out for future exams. You have six hours to complete the test, with a 10-minute break two hours after the test begins. You can prepare yourself for the exam by studying specific concepts, or by taking practice tests in exam-like conditions, with Varsity Tutors’ NCLEX app. Download it for free from iTunes or the Google Play Store today.