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Example Question #1 : Structural Proteins

Which of the following lists the cytoskeletal filaments in order of increasing diameter?

Possible Answers:

Microtubules < intermediate filaments < actin filaments

Actin filaments < intermediate filaments < microtubules

Actin filaments < microtubules < intermediate filaments

Intermediate filaments < actin filaments < microtubules

Microtubules < actin filaments < intermediate filaments

Correct answer:

Actin filaments < intermediate filaments < microtubules


Actin filaments, also known as microfilaments, are flexible and bundle up, and are 5-9nm in diameter. Intermediate filaments, which can strengthen cells, are about 10nm. Microtubules, rigid and attached on one end to a centrosome, are 25nm.

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