Test: SAT Writing

1 Ethnography: sounds erogenous but is simply a study of a culture or group of people. 2 Originating in the field of anthropology, later becoming popular in sociology and other disciplines. 3 Ethnographies typically include: descriptions of geography, religion, economy, social behaviors, rituals and histories. 4 Most early ethnographies were written by ex-patriot European explorers traveling outside their home continent; though by some standards the Greek historian Herodotus was producing protoplasmic ethnographies hundreds of years before the Age of Exploration. 5 Ethnographies can take forms ranging from the confessional, the feminist, the critical, and the realist but most are qualitative and descriptive rather than quantitative and statistical. 6 Some attempt to provide fairly objective observations of a group or society, others have the anterior motive of empowering marginalized or repressed cultures. 7 This group or culture may include anything from a fraternity to a particular Uruguayan village. 8 Today ethnographers often immerse themselves fully in the lives of their subjects, be they powerful politicians and impoverished blue-collar workers.


How should the underlined portion of Sentence 1 be rewritten?

Ethnography: sounding esoteric, it is simply

Ethnography: sounds erogenous but is simply (no change)

Ethnography: It sounds erogenous but simply it is

Ethnography, which sounds esoteric but is simply

Ethnography sounds erogenous but is simply

1/2 questions


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