Test: LSAT Logic Games

There are two movie theaters in the city of Aires, the Cineplex and the Triplex. The owners of these two movie theaters have made an arrangement as to the showing of various movie genres. There are exactly four genres that these owners have been discussing: action, comedy, drama, and horror.

The showing of movies within these genres must be in accord with the following:

Each movie theater must always show exactly three films from three of the four genres. 

At least one of the theaters must show both an action film and a drama film.

Whichever theater shows a comedy film must also show a horror film.

The Cineplex always shows an action film.


Which one of the following could be a complete and accurate list of the movie genres shown in each of the theaters?

Cineplex:  comedy, drama, horror

Triplex:  action, drama, horror

Cineplex:  action, drama, horror

Triplex:  action, comedy, drama

Cineplex:  action, comedy, drama

Triplex:  action, comedy, drama

Cineplex:  Action, Drama, Horror

Triplex:  Action, Comedy, Horror

Cineplex:  action, comedy, horror

Triplex:  action, comedy, horror

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