Kobe Bryant: Academic Role Model by Harrison

Harrison's entry into Varsity Tutor's March 2021 scholarship contest

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Kobe Bryant: Academic Role Model by Harrison - March 2021 Scholarship Essay

Someone I consider a role model for myself academically is the late great Kobe Bryant. Unless you've been living in a cave you have probably heard of the name Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant of course is known for his exceptional basketball career. Bryant left for the NBA right out of high school, so he never received any formal education. Why would you need to go to college if you are already a millionaire? Most would answer that question with you don't need to; you have all of the money you could ever need what could more education do for you?

Kobe Bryant always wanted to get better. He wanted to be the best he could in every aspect of his life that he could be. After his playing days he would take college courses on various different subjects. You see, Bryant saw the value in a college education; it was a part of his life he could improve. Bryant never settled, that's what made him so good in the NBA; he would always find a way to grow.

This is what I admire most about Kobe Bryant, and I hope to build the same mindset he had. I believe that nobody is perfect and that you can always find something to improve. Achademically I can certainly find ways that I could always improve. I can always study harder, focus better, I can always be better. Kobe showed me that I should strive for greatness, and even when I get there; keep striving.