Varsity Tutors Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our previous scholarship winners!
Dec 2017

Essay: Be S.M.A.R.T. About It

Essay Topic: What is your ultimate strategy for success on a school project?
Nov 2017

Essay: Foriegn Travels; Inspiration's Beacon

Essay Topic: If you could study abroad, describe how you feel this would positively impact your college education.
Sep 2017

Essay: The Puzzle Piece that is My Brain

Essay Topic: Describe one elective you have taken and how it has impacted your education.
Aug 2017

Essay: History Doesn't Have to be Boring

Essay Topic: If you were a college professor, what class would you teach and why?
Jul 2017

Essay: I Promise Not To Be A Highly Intelligent Useless Person

Essay Topic: Imagine you have been asked to give an educational TED Talk. Describe what your talk will entail and why.
Jun 2017

Essay: The girl who loved dinosaurs

Essay Topic: Describe what 6-year-old you wanted to be when you grew up, and how that has evolved throughout your education.
May 2017

Essay: The Giving Book

Essay Topic: What book has best influenced your life and why?
Mar 2017

Essay: Ryan's Brother

Essay Topic: What important topic would you want to give a speech about to a school-wide audience?
Feb 2017

Essay: The True Definition of Leadership

Essay Topic: Describe a time when you failed at something, and how you were able to take that lesson and improve.
Jan 2017

Essay: Music Mends

Essay Topic: How has an extracurricular or a volunteer opportunity helped inspire you to make a difference in your community?
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