Varsity Tutors Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our previous scholarship winners!
Oct 2019

Essay: A New Way to Think.

Essay Topic: Who has most inspired you academically, and how have they encourage your success?
Sep 2019

Essay: Entrepreneurial Extracurricular Activities

Essay Topic: If you had the opportunity to create a high school extracurricular activity, what would it be and why?
Aug 2019

Essay: Taking Advantage of Your Gap Year

Essay Topic: How would you make the most of a gap year?
Jun 2019

Essay: Who matters?

Essay Topic: Describe a lesson you've learned from your favorite teacher, as well as how it has impacted your education.
May 2019

Essay: From Rubble to Restoration

Essay Topic: You've been given a $10,000 grant. How will you use the money to positively impact your hometown?
Apr 2019

Essay: Jumping Over the Gate

Essay Topic: Describe an academically challenging situation you’ve encountered, and how you overcame it.
Mar 2019

Essay: Ready, Set, Change!

Essay Topic: Imagine you’re leading a tour of your high school to members of the incoming freshmen class. What's one piece of advice you would give these students?
Feb 2019

Essay: Helping Kids Help Themselves

Essay Topic: Describe your dream job, as well as how your college plans will help you reach this goal.
Dec 2018

Essay: Qualities That Earn a Nobel Prize

Essay Topic: You are on the committee that awards the Nobel Prize. Discuss two qualities your recipient would need to possess.
Nov 2018

Essay: "Success Is Not to Be Pursued; It Is to Be Attracted by the Person You Become"

Essay Topic: What would your senior yearbook quote be? Discuss what it says about you.
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