Varsity Tutors Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our previous scholarship winners!
Jun 2018

Essay: Embark Early on the Journey to Financial Literacy

Essay Topic: Choose an elective you've taken that you believe should be a required class. Describe why.
May 2018

Essay: Hungry To Help

Essay Topic: Describe one volunteer experience you've had, as well as what it taught you.
Apr 2018

Essay: Education Leads to Prosperity

Essay Topic: Create a hashtag to describe what education means to you, and explain why you chose it. The hashtag must be 10 letters or less.
Kathryn mullis   vt
Mar 2018

Essay: A Life of Learning

Essay Topic: Describe how you would explain the importance of continued learning to a second grade student.
Feb 2018

Essay: Imagine

Essay Topic: Describe one advance in technology that you believe will be an integral part of education in the year 2038.
Jan 2018

Essay: College is my Gate to Opportunity

Essay Topic: Choose one word to describe why you wish to attend college, and explain why you chose that word.
Dec 2017

Essay: Be S.M.A.R.T. About It

Essay Topic: What is your ultimate strategy for success on a school project?
Nov 2017

Essay: Foriegn Travels; Inspiration's Beacon

Essay Topic: If you could study abroad, describe how you feel this would positively impact your college education.
Sep 2017

Essay: The Puzzle Piece that is My Brain

Essay Topic: Describe one elective you have taken and how it has impacted your education.
Aug 2017

Essay: History Doesn't Have to be Boring

Essay Topic: If you were a college professor, what class would you teach and why?
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