Varsity Tutors Scholarship Winners

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Oct 2020

Essay: The Poppy War: A Story that Questions Morality in 2020

Essay Topic: What's the best book you've read in 2020? Why did you choose this book?
Jul 2020

Essay: A Future Teacher's Mission of Bliss

Essay Topic: What would your dream classroom look like? How would it help you excel as a student?
Jun 2020

Essay: Change: It starts with me

Essay Topic: How do you hope to bring change to your intended career field?
May 2020

Essay: Relationships

Essay Topic: What do you think education will look like in 50 years?
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Apr 2020

Essay: Is college important?

Essay Topic: Do you believe that attending college is important? Why or why not?
Mar 2020

Essay: I do not care about my plan.

Essay Topic: What is your 10-year career plan?
Jan 2020

Essay: Thanks to the Tech

Essay Topic: Discuss how technology has positively impacted your classroom experience.
Oct 2019

Essay: A New Way to Think.

Essay Topic: Who has most inspired you academically, and how have they encourage your success?
Sep 2019

Essay: Entrepreneurial Extracurricular Activities

Essay Topic: If you had the opportunity to create a high school extracurricular activity, what would it be and why?
Aug 2019

Essay: Taking Advantage of Your Gap Year

Essay Topic: How would you make the most of a gap year?
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