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Haley of East Grand Forks, MN
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Solitariness - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

I would give my TED Talk on solitariness. I think that alone time is very important for everyone, no matter how spunky or quiet one is. Life these days is just constantly busy and everyone is always on the go. If more people took the time to just slow down and have some peace and quiet time, their lives would most definitely improve for the better.
One great benefit of alone time is the ability to be more creative. This is very true because it is just you, yourself, and I. You can actually think on your own without any worldly distractions, and possibly come up with something amazing. Being alone is truly the key to the ultimate happiness. You can do whatever you enjoy without that feeling of being judged.
Personally, when I am alone I get so many tasks done. I can focus on what has to get done, and complete that task on time. As soon as I am surrounded by more people my attention goes directly to them. This means that I am an excellent listener, which is a plus, but I can’t focus on what needs to be completed.
I would give my TED Talk on this subject, so that the world would know the importance of alone time. We all deserve happiness in our lives, so I feel that this is an easy way to fulfill everyone's happiness throughout the world!