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Question of the Day: GMAT Math

A number is divided by two; then its decimal point is moved to the left two spaces. This is the same as taking what percent of the number?






If you are like most people taking the GMAT, or the Graduate Management Admission Test, you may become anxious thinking about the Math portion of the test. Maybe it is because you haven’t used some of the math principles in years, or maybe you were never strong in math. Regardless, you will need to learn or brush up on your GMAT Math before taking the exam. The GMAT Math Question of the Day is a great way to do that. Whether you need top GMAT tutors in New YorkGMAT tutors in Chicago, or top GMAT tutors in Los Angeles, working with a pro may take your studies to the next level.

The Question of the Day is a daily practice review that consists of only one question each day. This makes test review easy and convenient. The questions are randomized based on the actual problems that may appear on the test on exam day. And because they are randomized, you will never know what kind of question you will get each day. One day may be algebra, and then the next day could be calculating profit. You will be exposed to many similar questions you may see on the test, and it may help you to determine what problems are more difficult for you. As you consistently answer the Question of the Day, you will cover a large variety of math problems. This will help you to keep the topics fresh in your mind, as well help you to determine where you are overall with test preparedness.

Once you answer the GMAT Math Question of the Day, you get a detailed explanation of the correct answer. This is good information to review, whether you answered the question correctly or not. With math, many times the methodology is just as important as the answer and you want to be sure you came about your answer in the correct method. 

After you answer the Question of the Day each day, you also get a report displaying your performance as a whole, based on the number of questions you have answered incorrect versus correct, the difficulty of the questions, how long it has taken you to answer each question, the average time it takes others to answer the questions, as well as how others have answered each question. This helps you to determine areas you need to focus on with your test practice, as well as the areas you are strong in. Varsity Tutors also offers resources like a free GMAT Math Practice Tests to help with your self-paced study, or you may want to consider a GMAT tutor.

Combining the GMAT Math Question of the Day with the other Learning Tools for the GMAT, including GMAT Math Flashcards, Practice Tests, Learn by Concept or GMAT tutoring, helps you to create a personalized and comprehensive study plan. These tools are able to help you learn and prepare for the GMAT in an efficient manner. You can access all of the Learning Tools through the website or application, so test review can be done wherever is convenient for you.

The GMAT is important for showing that you have the capacity to be successful in your advanced studies and help you get admitted to the school of your dreams. That makes proper test preparation and planning very important. The GMAT Math Question of the Day is a great free test practice tool to get you started.

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