Technology Taking Over Humanity by Yin Yin

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Yin Yin
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Technology Taking Over Humanity by Yin Yin - May 2020 Scholarship Essay

“Beep Boop Beep Boop!” The sound of busy robots working rapidly. Technology, as we know it, is growing at an incredible rate. It surrounds all of us, and sometimes it is all that can be seen around us. In most people’s lives, there is a usage of technology every day, and there is almost no escaping it because of how the desired technology is. In today’s world, technology takes up most of our lives, and in the future, technology-based things might be all that humans know about and know how to use it.

With the significant advancements in technology, the world of education is going to look completely different in the near future. As we know it, in today’s education systems, most students have access to some technology that can help enhance their learning. For instance, in most classrooms, there are active boards or computers available for students to use when learning. Meanwhile, everyday there are discoveries being made, and because of that, technology will advance even further in the future. With that in mind, the internet can answer a question in a split second, working more efficiently and quickly compared to an actual human flipping through many textbooks.

Furthermore, robots will eventually take over and perform most of the human tasks. The education system in the future is going to consist of mostly robots or humans using mostly technology to teach. Teachers will be able to easily access technology in the future that will enable them to teach students more efficiently and effectively. Also, since the younger generation knows how to navigate and use technology exceptionally well, then in the future, they will most likely teach their students using technology, so the education system in the future might be entirely online. The vast majority of students in the future will most likely be pursuing their degree or learning through a programmed education system online, using technology. In conclusion, the education system in 50 years is going to look completely different. It is going to mainly consist of students using technology to learn and not actually attending school taught by human beings.