Goal For This School Year by Sierra

Sierra's entry into Varsity Tutor's September 2020 scholarship contest

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Goal For This School Year by Sierra - September 2020 Scholarship Essay

In the past three terms I have spent at Blue Mountain Community College I have achieved great things. From getting straight A's and making the Presidents list to being able to work full time and still achieve those grades. It has not been easy, but with all of the hard work I have put in I feel successful. That is mostly what I want in the next couple years I spend at Blue Mountain. I want to be successful.

In this coming school year I will also be working and going to school. It does not sound hard, but once you have done it you can tell that it is no easy task. Making time for school and being able to work and deal with the stresses of work can be difficult. I do not qualify for financial aid so working is my best option, along with scholarships, to pay for school. I do not want to apply for student loans as I want to be able to say I worked for what I have earned.

My main goal this school year is to accomplish getting straight A's, keeping on top of school assignments, and also be able to get through these online classes as that will be the new "normal" for right now due to COVID-19. I am a hands on learner, or in-person learner, so when I heard that it would be online classes this term it kind of stressed me out. However, I am going to work hard and ask as many questions as I need to stay on top of things and be successful. That is my biggest goal this school year, to be successful in all I do and work as hard as I can to achieve that.