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Mathieu of Kissimmee, FL
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#artistic - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

Growing up, I’ve had opportunities that have presented themselves to me as well as roadblocks that have served to hinder me. I have expressed interests in a variety of subjects ranging from English to astronomy, however, I’ve had yet to realize that the arts were my true calling. I fell in love with many forms of creative expression from drawing to photography and my curiosity towards the digital and graphical arts drove me into the practice of which I am trying to pursue. These traits and factors helped to push me towards my current state and the calling I had yet to realize is now my propelling force into the future I pursue. Yet, I was not without challenges. Because of the nature of my schools, I had no formal art education and continue to teach myself the basics and elements of fine art. But in the end, these deterrents only proved to teach me lessons, lessons that I shall continue to live by. Combined with my own personal values and interests as well as the positivity of those who wished for my success, these factors have and continue to mold me into the person I am today.
Since my early childhood, I had an innate fascination to the imaginative world of cartoons. The different mediums and artistic stylings of this particular form of entertainment never ceased to both amaze and ignite a fire of curiosity within me. I desired to know about the tools and techniques that these cartoonists utilized to bring their productions to life, and wondered that if I tried and practiced hard enough, I too could inject life and imagination into these modern artistic works. This curiosity eventually led me into the world of online digital art, a place where ordinary artists and designers can use their creativity aided with the wonders of modern technology and software to push the boundaries of this exciting field. I remember, with a burning determination, that I wanted to, I had to, practice and train myself to accomplish those feats that first took my breath away.
The arts have played a significant role throughout my life, bringing a sense of freedom and expression. I enjoyed many varying art forms including painting, photography, and digitized art. The arts gave me an outlet to release the palette of emotions and prevents me from keeping it bottled up. The arts have also allowed me to spread joy among my friends and family. Growing older, I realize now the power and influence the arts had on me and I hope that, with experience and dedication, i can utilize the role the arts have played in my life to create a long lasting career and an eternal love for artistic expression. I wish to pass on the role that the creative arts have played in my life to inspire and motivate others so they may experience a new, passionate way to express themselves.