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Social Media: Your Killer or Saviour? - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

Imagine you’re in a hole and cannot come out without the help of another individual. Suddenly, two people appear at the top of the hole, one with a rope and the other with a shovel. Who do you choose? With the recent technological developments, people all around the world can use some of the best technologies—cell phones, laptops, tablets. With these technologies, teenagers can access social-media-applications such as Twitter, SnapChat, and Facebook. Invented with the intentions of allowing people to communicate, social media’s use has stretched beyond just that. It has become an outlet for networking, advertisement, and a stage for those who desire to express their talent. However, it has also become the home of bullying, threats, and videos of violent actions. Considering recent negative actions on social media, I would want to give a speech to those in school about choosing whether they want social media to be their killer or saviour.

Their Killer. It has become evident that social media is beginning to enslave the minds of the American child, specifically in their using it to define themselves. Many teenagers post pictures in the hopes of achieving the most likes or reactions. When these things are limited they alter their looks to match those who do receive hundreds of likes. The actions taken to obtain these “likes” vary from gender to gender. Female teenagers tend to wear fewer clothes, add more filters, and wear more makeup. Males, on the other hand, pose shirtless, wear their most expensive clothes, and sometimes pose smoking. What is common to both sexes, however, is that they put up a facade to be liked. Teenagers who do these things for popularity and attention on social media are no longer their authentic selves. These actions sacrifice an individual's most important aspect—their self-worth. Unknowingly, their incorrect use of social media is causing them to mentally be taken to an altar where they are the sacrifice.

Their Saviour. Despite the negative aspects of social media on today’s children, social media can be used as an outlet for children to develop their creativity and career. Whether it be music, humor, or fashion, most children—if not all— have a talent. Especially if they want to go into the field of their talent, social media can act as a stage for teenagers to express their gift. In the past decade, many individuals have developed a successful career because of social media. Through YouTube, Justin Bieber was able to make a career out of singing. Now, he is ranked number 13 on the list of highest-paid musicians of 2016. Reggie Couz, a famous comedian, became famous from his hilarious Vine videos. His videos are now consistently shared across every social media app. Lastly, Kyemah Mcentyre was highly recognized across America after being praised for her prom dress. Since then, she has been featured on numerous television shows and is currently a professional designer. Social Media—if used correctly— has positive benefits that can help a teenager develop their creativity and career

Social media has proven to have both negative and positive effects on children. Negatively, it has the capability of altering an individual's authentic self. Positively, it can serve as an adviser to shape a kid's career and creativity. I would love to speak to a school-wide audience about the possibilities of social media’s effects. Some individuals are unaware that the ways in which they use social media is mentally enslaving them. My speech would serve as a metaphorical key to the handcuffs that are currently placed on their minds. I want students nationwide to change the way they use social media. For modern day students, social media has become a weapon. It has become a tool. This tool either works for or against them. How they use it is their decision. They determine whether they want the shovel or the rope.