Technology with a side of teachers by Koby

Koby's entry into Varsity Tutor's May 2020 scholarship contest

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Technology with a side of teachers by Koby - May 2020 Scholarship Essay

The future of education will have the same concepts, except a different route of learning. Today, students learn from their teacher. In the future, I believe that teachers will become less necessary due to the technological advancements in place. But, I’m not saying that they will be gone. They will still be present, but more shadowed in the background compared to now. Currently, the teacher commands the room. The students understand the teacher is the boss and controls everyone in the room, no matter who you are. I think that teachers can often overuse their power and control the classroom too much. With technology, the computer does not have control over the students. The students are able to learn at their own pace and do assignments at their own level instead of rushing to catch up with the teacher.
The classroom needs to be relaxed and open for the best learning environment. Teachers do not realize how boring and unmotivational they can be. Who wants to sit in English class for an hour listening to the teacher talk about Shakespeare’s diction? Exactly. Nobody does. Although the teacher has a set requirements to teach, there are other ways than lecturing for an hour to students in whom the teacher doesn’t even have their attention.
Teachers in 50 years will be hidden by technology. Technology will take over the education world and provide students for unlimited opportunities. It has already started to take over at a rapid rate. In most of my classes the most effective way of learning is through videos from educational websites. I would even say that YouTube is played in my classes just as often as the teacher teaches on the spot.
Technology has already taken over education. In 50 years, who knows what will be available for students. There are already virtual field trips, online courses, and many more resources to expand your educational foundation. I believe that technology is far more effective than having a teacher speak for an hour while the class stares into the distance waiting for the time to be over. Technology engages the students and motivates them to be the best version of themself. During the pandemic, students have been able to educate themselves using only technology. No teachers are needed. This shows how fast technology is on the rise in the education world. If students are able to learn by themselves with technology now, then what would the possibilities be in 50 years? I do not think teachers will be able to catch up with technology in the race of education. Technology is moving much faster than teachers in the classroom, especially with YouTube.
Although technology will be the future, I do not believe it will ever replace teachers. I find that the presence of teachers in the background of technology make the school environment feel more natural. Without teachers, technology will be taken advantage of by the students. This is where the teacher comes into play and reminds the students to keep working. Technology will be used as support, not as a replacement.