Now is the Time to Make Changes in the Nursing Field by Corrie

Corrie's entry into Varsity Tutor's June 2020 scholarship contest

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Now is the Time to Make Changes in the Nursing Field by Corrie - June 2020 Scholarship Essay

Changes to the nursing field can be easy and they can be difficult. It takes a lot of work to make some changes because of the difficulty the nursing field presents. A lot of changes require evidence-based research which takes a lot of time and effort. There are changes I can make on my own that will make my practice the best it can be now and in the future.

As a CNA I see a lot of things that I would like to change. I see how nurses treat patients, I see how nervous or embarrassed patients become when the nurse is around, and I see how patients want to be treated. These are things that frustrate me, but as a CNA I do not have the ability to change them, but once I become a nurse, I will be able to make these changes.

Some nurses treat their patients like they are dirt under their feet, and I hate that feeling. Each patient has the right to be there, no matter how much money they make or what their current situation is and the nurse needs to remember that, but so many times they do not and the patient see it. I will change that and I will make sure the patient sees that they are important and I am there to help them with their situation.

When a patient is in the hospital they may struggle asking for help because they are able to normally do these things themselves at home. I want to change this feeling and show them I want to help them. I want them to see that I am there to take care of them in their time of need. I do not want them to thing they are a bother or an inconvenience to me. I plan to change this feeling with every patient I take care of.

Patients want to be treated like humans and like the nurse cares about them and their needs. So many nurses are in and out of the room in a matter of minutes. They do not show an interest in the patient and what they need. I do not see that this treatment is right or fair and I will change this for the patient. I plan to give each patient the time they need so I can help them in the personal way they need.

When patients are treated the way, they feel is right and the nurse shows compassion and helps them during their time of need, they will be happy and will recover faster. Too many nurses today do not treat the patients the right way and they see it. I want to change this in my practice. I want to show my patients how passionate I am about helping them and speeding up their recovery time. I will give them the time they need and deserve.