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The Power of Education - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

Education can change the world. In my experience, education is more than just going to school seven hours a day and getting good grades. Education is what is learned and observed in school and other environments and how it is applied to everyday life. Learning reinforces life skills than can help a person develop and grow in this ever changing world.The ability to learn creates growth in developing children and those deficient of such growth may be limited on the opportunities they account for in life. Education expands knowledge, creates multiple perspectives and dimensions on how the world can be seen, and helps the developing generation adapt to the growing world. Learning should not be a trait limited only to those with money. Education should be widespread, easily accessible, and free. The more of the world that is educated, the easier it will be to understand and connect to people on a worldwide basis.
Moreover, education is such a powerful resource that can be overlooked in countries where it is readily available. In developed countries, such as America, it is a requirement that children are placed in school and it frowned upon if they are not. However, in countries where education is accessible, why do many people choose not to further their education or drop out before it is ever finished? Many people in developed countries are not grateful for the opportunities that are given to them, but to those in developing countries these opportunities are transformative and one in a million. To people in third-world countries education is not easily obtainable and it is not a priority to most. Education is extremely vital to countries worldwide, especially in countries where education can be the only chance at success for most people. If education was more easily attainable to these people, their environments and lives could be positively affected and their lives changed for the better.
Furthermore, the evolution of the world cannot occur without the accessibility and advancement of education. All throughout history, education has provided the world with new marvels and creative inventions that help to modernize and industrialize the world. Without education, cures for fatal diseases may not have been discovered, machinery that aids the workforce may not have been invented, and the world wouldn’t be the same. The world revolves around those with a good education, but education would not be attainable without educators. Educators guide the younger generations into becoming the educated. They establish ideals and principles into the growing generation so they can grow up and become successful in the modern world and, in the future, change the world for the better. To conclude, the world would be drastically different if it weren’t for educators and education, our entire lives would be altered for the worst. Therefore, education shouldn’t be taken for granted, but instead praised and appreciated for its positive power increase opportunities to those in need and to ultimately change the world.