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Andrew Nino
October 2019

A New Way to Think. - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

My biggest academic inspiration would be my current AP Statistics teacher, Mr. Cloud. If I had to choose a word to describe him it would be the word, “passionate”.

Throughout high school, I have been fortunate enough to have him as an instructor twice, and every time, without fail, I have had a memorable experience. Like many other teachers, he is very enthusiastic, he finds ways to make the class laugh, and makes sure every session is engaging. But what really separates him from any other teacher, is his methodology towards learning. It involves a technique that is much more fixated on the growth of the individual’s critical thinking, rather than giving knowledge monotonously out of a textbook. He is simply not pleased by the conventional style of teaching and prefers to really test his students. This style of teaching is something I’ve grown to admire because he doesn’t give you the answers, he extracts them out of you. Problem to solution, he grinds out small pieces of information out of you until a clearer picture begins to form. It’s an effective technique that I feel like many teachers do not do. It’s truly the most rewarding learning process.

By taking this ground-up approach, Mr. Cloud successfully creates an environment where we as students are always being challenged to think. Not to mention, the final product feels even more monumental than if you just read it out of a book. It provides a sensation of discovery, and it gives the students the excitement and incentive to learn more. This type of setting is something that I strive to create. As a very ambitious person, this fabricated atmosphere has encouraged my growth as not only a student, but a person as well. Since my first day in his class, Mr. Cloud has served as one of my biggest inspirations. His philosophy of teaching has brought out the best in not only me, but all of his students. I hope to incorporate this method of thought into every aspect of my life whether it be my relationships, sports, or academics. Mr. Cloud is my Academic Inspiration.