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Alice of Tulua, Valle del Cauca-Colombia,
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Soy un Inmigrante - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

“Soy un inmigrante”
By Alice Romero
Have you ever thought about how many foreigners come to the United States every day with the purpose of staying?
2,000. That is the number of people who come to the United States to stay daily. Without a doubt, being an immigrant is not easy because you come to a place where people speak a completely different language than yours; they have different customs and thoughts. So, who is foreign to them is you, the immigrant. 2% of those who come have a secure plan set in advance. Their plan, like everyone’s, is to start a better and new life. Moreover, we do not know whether or not it will be easy because each story is individual.
The other 98% come to the U.S with the expectation of accomplishing the so-called “American Dream.” Starting a new life means getting a good job that is going to pay way better than your old job. Even more exciting, your kids could have a better education and future.
Before stepping in on these lands where Coke is a national heritage, many of us have had a relative that already lives here. It can be a friend, a contact, or even that famous uncle or aunt who lives in the United States and seems to be very successful, sends gifts on Christmas, and has the happiest life you can imagine. But what most of us do not know is the hard reality that immigrants face when they get here. After all, changing your usual life is not an easy task. First of all you can’t communicate with others because of your lack of English. Also, you can’t get a job or a higher education just because you do not have a green card that classifies you as a “Legal Alien”, certifying that you have come to invade this country legally.
Many people have the opportunity to acquire that little green card. Who can ever imagine that a simple paper would be the door to a decent, serene, and stable life? Unfortunately, many of those who migrate to this country do not have the same opportunity; they must leave their home country because of war, corruption, unemployment, and discrimination; those situations do not allow them to progress or have a normal life. So, that is the moment when you start to question about life’s situations which gives you the chance to fly away, to travel, and start over.
The next step is taking a flight with no returns or for those less fortunate, starting a tedious trip through many borders and obstacles to get here, with the sole purpose of getting to know the land where the dreams come true, Mickey Mouse’s and Ronald McDonald’s house. Everything looks marvelous, the technology, streets, and clean environment; it is so different from our countries that the word “alien” fits perfectly because we feel like we are on a different planet.
So, you find a way to settle down, improve your English, and find a job. The first week seems good, but then you face a different reality. As you earn, you spend; sometimes you get rejected from job positions because you do not have legal papers or just because you are a foreigner. It is as if they had stripped you of some of your rights because you came to a land that does not belong to you. As a well-known Spanish musician says in one of his songs: “He is not from here because his name does not appear in the records, nor is he from there because he left.”
In some way that makes sense; this is not your land. So, what rights are you claiming? More than being an immigrant, we are human beings just like everyone else here. Someone is looking for opportunities to get a shining future. If you are a parent you just want to see the smiles on the faces of your children when they graduate from school, when they get a job, or when they are being recognized for their unique talents. That is what life is all about.
Without a doubt, being an immigrant is not easy. All those stories in movies depicting immigrants with a perfect life are just a fantasy. Those stories died the day you stepped out of the plane, where the new you is born and starts to grow.
Personally, I feel respect and appreciation for immigrants who comes to fight for their future, face challenges, and take the risk of failing in a land that is not theirs. As an immigrant I’ve learned that you should learn a new language, work on things that you would never imagine you could do, and face whatever life has for you. I’m proud of how well they represent their countries because they show and teach those special skills from their home culture. They show with bravery their flags and never forget where they come from.
To every immigrant who comes here to have a decent and honest life, to fight for their family’s future, I wish them the best. I encourage them to fight, to persevere because sometimes things take effort and time, but God always has a perfect plan. To every person that opens their heart to him, he has a life of blessings and happiness. It might take time, but it always comes.
Don’t lose your faith!