Biggest goal for this year by Alexis

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Biggest goal for this year by Alexis - September 2020 Scholarship Essay

The starting of 2020 has been a wild ride for everyone. Since March, schools, universities, jobs, etc had to be stopped indefinitely and many people had to move towards online. To be honest, online school was a bit difficult, sometimes you wouldn't understand the subject or the homework so a great amount of students passed that end of the year with the help of google and videos of Indian teachers teaching us physics on an eight year old video and that was more helpful. Since August, the state of Texas has allowed us to return back to school with the exception of having to socially distance, wearing face mask at all times. This opportunity has been useful to help us get back on track educationally wise.
As my last year in high school as a senior, I want to make the most of it, such as getting everything in order, keep grades above average, preparing for college, etc. Before I finish this year, my biggest goal this year is to figure out what I want to be. Currently I would like to be an emergency room nurse but I have some interest in a business degree as well. That's my only goal as this year before I graduate in 2021.