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Positive Impacts for Community Growth - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

It's crazy how many things are relied on money and how many developments within a community is dependent on money; all to create change. In a way, money is used to help a community grow and develop its society into something more beneficial, as well as safer for those involved in it. So, when I think about what $10,000 can do for my community, I think about the Cincinnati Public School system. I've grown up within a community that was at the start of its developmental stages. I've grown up in a community that still strives to be better every single day.

This specific community has been striving to be better, both for itself and for others. The Cincinnati Public School system is a prime example of such. Cincinnati Public is viewed as the lower ranks within other Cincinnati school districts. It has struggled heavily with financial aspects, equal distribution, and frankly, attention to individual success. These low-income schools focus on involvement and inclusion, as well as the development for societal functions. These students and teachers, as well as majority faculty, are neglected of the things that most districts focus on providing. Athletics struggle because of the low budget and genuine lack of interest in development most of the time.

I am a coach within the Cincinnati Public Schools, so I get to witness these things first hand within my athletes, as well as second hand within the classroom. It's a realization of those who have been privileged with endless support. As I witness the struggle, as well as understand that struggle, I realize that if I was to be granted with $10,000 to give back to the community, I would then give it back to the Cincinnati Public Schools. Even though the amount can only do so much, it can be used more for the benefit of the students, of the athletes, and of the schools who struggle a little more than others. I know that, in my heart, it would be put to go use; whether it be for scholarships to help students further their education or for supplies for the school year or new equipment for the sport teams. Any of those, I would be more than happy with giving that grant money to.