What do you think education will look like in 50 years? by Robin

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What do you think education will look like in 50 years? by Robin - May 2020 Scholarship Essay

To answer the question at hand, “What do you think education will look like in fifty years?”, I decided to go back fifty years to see what education looked like then. I used the information from my grandparent's educational background. They were in school during the 1970s. There was this massive push to eliminate segregation in the education system. The fight for equality was at the forefront. Classrooms were intentionally integrated from the elementary level to the college level. More minority teachers were contributing to this movement of equity. When I look at the role of technology, during that time, it was almost non-existent. The calculator was the most popular form of technology. The video was important for communication and delivery of academic information. I can’t imagine getting by with those limitations, but my grandparents did it.
In 2020, we have seen the evolution of education transform right before our eyes. We went from the old math to the new. We went from hard copy textbooks to streaming the same information online. We sat in classrooms where the seating arrangements were set up in the same format with straight rows of desks, and the teacher at the head of the class. Now students sit in flexible seating classrooms, which allows them to use standing desks and collaboration tables. The academic information is student-centered to where the teacher serves as more of a facilitator.
Education will continue to evolve. In fifty years, education as we know it will have a different look. Big school buildings will be a thing of the past. Our current experiences have shown us that we don’t need to be housed in a building to learn. Many discoveries in our educational system have been recently revealed and now we can continue to change for the better. We achieved so much with the concept of how students receive academic information. The classes are not overcrowded and students can work at their own pace. We will continue to move forward learning from that success.
In fifty years, there will be small learning centers for elementary and middle school students. Small learning groups will foster social skills young children need. High school and college students will have education access on demand. The role of educators will still exist, however, classes will take place online. All grade-level labels will be obsolete. Students will advance to the next level based on mastery of academic standards. The solution to equality for all will finally be achieved. Every student will receive a quality education and their college degrees online.
One thing that remains the same from my grandparent's era to now is the push for equality. This will continue to be an important focus because there is a necessity for quality education for all. Equality for a race, gender, Special needs, and sexual orientation is the response to what our society looks like today. They will continue. One of our greatest accomplishments will be ensuring that all citizens have access to what’s rightfully owed.