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A Grant for the Angels - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

A Grant for the Angels
If I were to be granted $10,000, my first instinct would be the same as any other persons, to use the money selfishly. Maybe I would try an activity that I’ve never done before, like skydiving, or go somewhere I have never visited, like Hong Kong, China. However, I would quickly realize that this is not the right answer, and I would pause to think about what the “right” decision would be. Would I give this money to a church? Would I give it to a homeless shelter? Or maybe I should split the money and give it to multiple different charities and not-for-profit groups. While those places are great to help support, I feel that my grant money would be most effective if I were to donate it to the Angels Against Abuse charity.

The Angels Against Abuse organization, also known as AAA, is a charity program that helps children and teens who are in the foster care system. Through this organization, children are able to receive items and participate in events that aren’t included in the foster care system. For example, these children can receive backpacks, school supplies, toiletry and hygiene items, clothing, shoes, and maybe even a toy or stuffed animal. Children may get the opportunity to participate in clubs such as Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, football, volleyball, cheerleading, or other sports. They may even have the opportunity to get after-school tutoring. According to their website, the Angels Against Abuse specifically “provide goods and services not covered by the foster care system, help reduce the trauma of home removal, try to create as many traditional childhood experiences for these children living in non-traditional conditions, and work with children and families to stop the cycle of abuse.” Their vision statement is “We strive to provide care and assistance to children and families in the foster care system in Pinellas County who have been abused and neglected with the ultimate goal of helping children find a safe home life and breaking the cycle of parental abuse.” One very interesting fact about the organization is that the ‘Angels’ are able to mobilize within 24 hours in order to help meet the needs of a child.

Offering $10,000 to this organization will have a large impact in my community in that it will help provide for the children taken out of unsafe homes. This grant could provide many of the items these children need and want in order to improve their quality of life. Many organizations think just about the basic, necessary needs for the children, such as food, clothing, shelter, and a safe environment. While this is an enormous help, the Angels Against Abuse goes above and beyond and tries to provide a real childhood for the children. From giving bus passes to Tea Parties and Christmas gifts, Angels Against Abuse will have an even greater impact on struggling children in our community, if they received an additional $10,000 to support their mission. According to Maya Angelou, “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” Angels Against Abuse ensures that children are empowered to rise above their circumstances.