College essay by Kylee

Kylee's entry into Varsity Tutor's March 2021 scholarship contest

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College essay by Kylee - March 2021 Scholarship Essay

Facing a challenge at a young age can be really hard to accept and overcome. There were times where I thought my biological mother leaving was my fault and made me question whether there was something wrong with me. If I’m speaking truthfully, a daughter is supposed to be as close as possible to her mother and a mother is supposed to make sure their daughter is safe and protected at all times. I do not have that relationship with the woman who gave birth to me, which has always been a hurtful situation to deal with. However, I knew it would only set me back in the long run if I did not face my fears. Being able to express my feelings with others has helped me face my trauma head on and see the light at the other end of the spectrum.
Growing up, I found it helpful to find the positive attributes that set me apart from everyone else rather than focusing on the negatives. One of those attributes is my strong sense of self-worth. Because of my experiences, I focus on surrounding myself with people who truly care about me and those who look out for my best interests. My father has been a constant influence in my life; he never once gave up on me and made sure I felt loved and supported regardless of my upbringing. Having no one to initially fill that motherly void was challenging, however my grandmother stepped into that role when I was young and never failed to make me feel special. When I was a little bit older, my dad met his wife, who has been another strong influence in my life. Both my father and step-mother have progressed in their professional careers and have instilled in me a strong work ethic and desire to do my best even when I do not feel my best. I have held part-time jobs since my sophomore year of high school and am currently participating in a co-op position in the masonry trade through my technical program at Essex Tech. Being a woman in the trades has further developed a strong sense of confidence in myself.
Despite the challenges I faced growing up, I have remained committed to pushing the negatives aside and moving forward in life. I like to think everything happens for a reason because everything really does happen for a reason. Life also works in mysterious ways and looking back, I can honestly say there is not one thing I would change in my life. It has shaped me into the young adult I am today. I look at challenges now and see them as opportunities to make me stronger. Thinking about everything that I went through really makes me appreciate everything I have and the people I have in my life right now. My life experiences have shaped me into a confident young woman, and with that confidence, I feel I can overcome any obstacle thrown my way.