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Kelly of Elkins Park, PA
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Fire for the Future - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

Maintaining a passion for education means more than simply attending college classes because it results in the attainment of a college degree. There is much more involved than merely passing each class with a C average. Having a passion for education translates to perseverance and determination. It is observed in the dusks unnoticeably turned to dawns as the entirety was spent studying. It is perceived in the unattended birthday parties and family dinners because a last-minute assignment suddenly transpired. This passion is exhibited as you fail to acquire that extra shift at work that is so desperately needed in order to ensure that your final paper is unequivocally perfect. A passion for education is much more than earning a degree; it’s the basis of your future.

Growing up, I was aware that neither of my parents attended college. This was due to the financial burdens that are associated with this endeavor. I made a vow to myself at an early age that I would reach this milestone not only for myself, but for the countless lives that I would change when I earned my degree. I know now that this meant balancing my 4.0 in college along with the responsibilities which accompanied each promotion I received at work. Thus, I discovered at an early age that although life does not offer handouts, it provides rewards for those who embody tenacity.

Still, through each of these late nights and missed social outings, I slowly began to fathom my passion for education. Within this entity rests the ability to better my present as well as my future. As I pursue these educational goals, I become closer to the future that I have envisioned for myself since I was a child. Those aspirations that were once so far away now seem tangible. This passion has allowed me to wake up each morning, determined to succeed. Undoubtedly, there have been days when it seemed as though it would be easier to acquire another hour of sleep or to skip only a single class, but this passion has ignited a fire inside of me that lights the path to my future. Therefore, I will not risk a single drop of rain dampening that spirit.

Ultimately, a passion for education transforms into my dream of becoming an occupational therapist and aiding others in rediscovering the parts of their lives they believed they had lost. This passion enables me to truly love and admire every second of every day. Without this intensity, the mundane motions of each day would soak the fire that burns the path to my future. Thus, this passion not only motivates me to reach my goals every single day, but it illuminates the path to success that finally feels so attainable.