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Katelin of Conway, AR
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#Learn2Love - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay


After thirteen years of walking through cinder-block-walls and loud-mouthed-bullies, there are several life lessons I will be taking away from the experience. There are so many people in this world that want to see you fail and will do anything to make sure you do. The amount of pressure put on students to succeed despite the odds against them is too great for one person to carry. Essentially, #Learn2Love means more than one thing. Its several meanings pertain to education and what it taught me. Each subject has its own topic basis, but they all tie into this.
#Learn2Love the content. Students are practically forced into submission with teachers and peers. From personal experience, I hated science. I dreaded science every day in the seventh grade. I had a wonderful teacher and my class only had seven students in it. Regardless, I hated it. There wasn’t anything interesting to learn about and the things I did like were really difficult to understand. I had to learn to love the content and what it would do for my future. I could either dread going to school or learn to enjoy it and have a meaningful experience. I chose the latter and as a result I am going into a social science major, psychology.
#Learn2Love the experience. Students are stuck in school for at least twelve years or until they are old enough to drop out. My educators taught me to love the experience. Make the mandatory experience worth your while. Recently, I had an encounter with a teacher/student organization that taught me to learn to embrace and love my experiences and cherish what they mean to me. You have to learn to love the educational experience because you’re stuck here! You may as well make the best of it.
#Learn2Love yourself. Going to school is hard. The rigorous coursework with body changes, bullies, and difficult adaptation is one of the most strenuous life experiences. It bears on students physically, mentally, and emotionally. The bullies are going to pick on you. The teachers are going to expect way too much from you. Your parents are going to push for more out of you. You have to love yourself enough so the other problems don’t bother you. If you constantly do your best and make the most effort you can, you can’t blame yourself for the failure and difficulty education pushes you to face.