My Education Comes From My Privilege by Julia

Julia's entry into Varsity Tutor's January 2021 scholarship contest

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My Education Comes From My Privilege by Julia - January 2021 Scholarship Essay

Growing up, I was taught to be grateful for my education. My family is able to provide me with transportation to and from school, basic school supplies, a high quality backpack; I even get highlighters, cute pencil pouches, colored pens, and more. It may be argued that education is a right because everyone is given opportunity to a free public school through grade twelve. I discovered that this is not the case for everyone, as my father instilled in me that education is a privilege, not a right.

As I was coming to the end of my college application process, my father came into my room to remind me that he does not want money to deter me away from my decision. College can be expensive, but he ensures that he will find a way to pay for the tuition of whatever college I attend. I am extremely blessed to have such supportive parents throughout this journey. Money can be a major obstacle; I am thankful alone for just being able to pay the application fees.

The day my father came into my room, he told me something I had never heard about. My grandma’s parents took her out of school in the third grade, because her family was too poor. They needed help around the house and help making money. I also learned that my father almost attended the University of Southern California for track, but his family could not afford it. Lacking education on financial aid and college scholarships, my father missed out on a great opportunity.

After hearing about my father’s past, I recognized that education is a privilege. Even though some education may be free, there are families who cannot afford to send their children off to school for eight hours while providing them with basic school necessities. I am privileged because my family does not need me to work for extra financial stability. I am privileged because I can drive myself to and from school. I am privileged because I have a house to do my homework in and a desk to sit at. I am privileged because I always eat a good breakfast before school. I am privileged because I have a bed to sleep in; and a good night's rest prepares me for a long day of education. I am educated because of all of these privileges I have. Education is not a right for everyone.