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The Importance of Fine Arts - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

Imagine what schools and students would be like without the implement of fine arts. Schools with music programs have a 90.3% graduation rate and a 93.9 overall attendance rate than schools without music programs, who have 72.9% graduation rate and a 84.9% overall attendance rate. Schools with art programs have students who are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. School budgets are already short, taking blows to teacher salaries and lack of new materials. Although it would be much easier to cut the fine arts programs, such as art and music, it wouldn't be beneficial to the school or the students.
Students who are involved in fine arts are less aggressive, have less alcohol abuse and drug abuse problems, and score better on standardized tests. Studies show that music students learn concepts, such as fractions and reading concepts, better and faster than non music students. Music majors are also the most likely among students to be admitted to medical school and also hold a higher GPA than other students or majors at their school or university.
The fine arts programs shouldn't be cut. Music students score 107 points higher on the SAT than students who don't participate in music. Art students are three times more likely to be awarded for school attendance. In the continuously highest ranking countries in the world, including Japan, Hungary, and the Netherlands, art and music education is required, resulting in high scores in math and science. Although it is understandable why the arts would be cut, the schools are jeopardizing their students and impacting their students, not for the worst, but also not for the best. Thank you.