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Education: The Basis of a Fluid Life - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

In order to simply understand the introduction sentence of this essay the reader has to be educated on how to read. This simple example shows the extent in which humans use their educated skill sets without a thinking about it. No matter if a person is self educated or classically educated the importance is that education surrounds every person daily. Education often consists of two parts; the educator and the learner. This is where passion for education begins.

My personal passion for education sprouts from experience being both an educator (University Teaching Assistant) and a learner (University Student). From the eyes of an educator there is an incredible sense of pride and happiness when your students eyes light up in excitement as they make a mental connection on the subject matter. These emotions drive me to want to continue teaching and sparks a passion for education. Being on the other side of education has a very similar affect. As the learner making a connection and fulfilling the goal of learning something is exhilarating. This adds to the fire that is a burning passion for education.

The final step to keeping a passion for education alive is the act of using what you have learned. The ability to apply something to you have learned to a real life situation brings the idea of education into a full-circle perspective. Education impacts each and every person and will continue to do so until the end up time. It is human instinct to learn and then pass on information and because of this education cannot be stopped.