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Jillian of Newton, NC
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A Daisy Among Roses - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

The future. Everyone talks about it. Everyone dreams about it. Everyone plans for it. But so few people really ever think about how they will achieve it. For me, when I dream of the future I dream of education. Of going off to college and graduating from a prestigious university, having experienced so many new things, met so many new people, and been so many new places. The way I will achieve my dreams is through education. And through my education, I will reach #myfuture.

I love learning. I love sitting in classrooms going over PowerPoints. I love writing essays, giving presentations and presenting projects. I, unlike almost every student you’ll ever meet, love school. It didn’t start out this way. I hated doing homework in third grade and thought spelling tests were stupid. Of course, I know how to spell the word “cheetah”, who doesn’t? But as I grew, and especially when I entered middle school, I realized something. I loved learning. I enjoyed starting new topics in science and reading about the plague in English and conjugating verbs in Spanish. No matter what subject it was, I was learning something new, and I couldn't get enough.

My goal is to get my Ph.D. in Sociology. Now I’m sure most of you are probably thinking that’s a lot of schooling and it is. It’s going to take a long time and a lot of money but I’m going to get my Ph.D. After I get my Ph.D. and become super successful, I’ll probably go back to school. There’s just so much that I want to learn about, from genetics to the origin of language. If money wasn’t an issue, or college was free, I would go to school for the rest of my life. I would make it my occupation. After all, who doesn’t love to learn?

So when looking at this prompt I thought of only one thing: my future. Because when thinking about education, thinking about school and college, that is what it means to me. Getting a good education is not a passing fancy or a fun little activity I like to do in my spare time. It is the doorway to success. It is the harbinger of my future. When thinking of education I think of my future and what I will have to do to get there. And I’m excited. I’m excited to immerse myself in learning, to explore different cultures and see new things because education is my opportunity to do all of that and so much more.