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Jennifer of Normal, IL
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Passion Beyond Compare - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

Everyone has a passion for something. Some people are passionate about sewing or fixing cars, others are passionate about their jobs. To have a passion is to have your heart sing just thinking about it. It is wanting to spend every minute doing what you are passionate about. Passion is having a love beyond compare. In this essay, I will be detailing what I am passionate about and what it means to me.
My passion is my education. From the time I was a little girl onwards, I have always had a love for school. However, my love for my education is unparalleled by anything else in my life. Growing up, I had a lot of trouble sleeping because I could not hold my excitement for the next day of class. I cherish every moment spent in school. I adore the bookcases filled to the brim and tucked in the corners of colorful classrooms, I hold dear the time spent learning new lessons, and even treasure the noisy cafeterias. School has always felt like my safe place. Even though I have struggled with different things with school, from being kicked out of a gifted program due to not retesting into it again to having issues with my mental health, going to school has always made me happy.
To me having a passion for education means that you never give up on it. You push through the frustration of failing math exams, through the stress crying, and through the hardships, school throws at you. You take it all with a positive attitude and keep going because to you, your education is the center of your life and the most important thing. Being passionate about school is not just taking the bad with a smile though, it is cherishing every moment spent in your pursuit for knowledge. It is pushing yourself to fill your class schedule to the brim to learn as much as possible. Being passionate about school is having a drive to be the best. To truly be passionate about your education it is never wanting to stop immersing yourself in school.
I am passionate about education to the point that I want to become a teacher. School has always been a significant part of my life. While I love it endlessly, the older I got the more I realized how often people turn away from liking school and trying their best in class. I want to be a teacher to spread my passion for education to my future students. I believe if you can develop a strong love for school in primary grades, you can use that foundation to inspire you through the bad years, the years of particularly difficult classes and strict teachers. I want to create a classroom where school is fun rather than feeling like a chore. I want to help more kids feel excited about going to class, feel exhilarated for each new lesson, and go to school each day with a brighter smile. I believe if I can help kids feel passionate for school, it will help decrease the number of kids who decide to give up because school makes them feel like they are not good enough. By becoming a teacher, I believe I will be able to help create a world more passionate about education.
To reiterate, to me being passionate for education is wanting to be the best not for anyone else but you. It is pushing yourself past your limits and using your motivation as your drive to not stop even when it gets so difficult you feel like you can not breathe. It is loving every moment of school and never wanting to leave. Being passionate about education is wanting to spread your love for it to others.