Bringing About Change Within Illustration by Ivy

Ivy's entry into Varsity Tutor's June 2020 scholarship contest

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Bringing About Change Within Illustration by Ivy - June 2020 Scholarship Essay

I’ve known I wanted to pursue a career within illustration since I received my very first set of colored pencils. While this desire to create remains unchanged, I am inevitably required to change as the creator constantly. This concept of something that is ever- evolving is why art has appealed to many as a form of self expression for centuries, and will continue to for many more. The most fascinating aspect about art to me is it’s innate ability to provide a drive for infinite purposes, while still technically requiring no other raw purpose but the sheer means to exist. Art has the capability of teaching, communicating, urging, entertaining, distracting, beautifying, challenging, and supporting a revolution, while the piece that brings forth all these stirring emotions and prominent events within history is wholly created to elicit a reaction to something. The effect of even a single reaction from a piece of art can still have ground breaking abilities in terms of change. The idea of a field where no right or wrong creative viewpoint means infinite possibilities is why illustration will be the perfect career, as well as platform, to encourage change as an emerging artist, as well as individual.

The specific change I intend to promote within illustration will link back to my personal creative voice, and the story behind the pieces I create in which to support it. My own illustrations are usually all created with somewhat of a nature, or environmental theme. As a child, fantasy-like elements, and imaginative woodland creature storybook characters inspired me early on. This led me to create with the idea in mind that we should continue to preserve this feeling of magic that can be found within nature. childlike wonder and the ability to imagine is something that is encouraged in youth at an early age, and for me the place that stimulated this most was the outdoors. By creating pieces pertaining to nature, and using both real, and imagined environments, I hope to show others the value of continuing to absorb what comes natural in life. Art and nature have many similarities, in the sense that they can become a safe haven for someone, to clear their head and gather their thoughts. The peaceful environments both provide can serve as therapy for an individual because of this. Art and nature are also always evolving and yet still loosely connected to the roots of the past.

I create with the goal of reinforcing all of nature’s positive benefits within our lives, while also bringing back the magic that once came from playfully exploring the outdoors in our youth through depicting these imaginative nature scenes. I hope that my illustrations can serve as a form of therapy, in the same way that nature could bring about solace and comfort for someone through its mere tranquility. Hopefully creating with this mindset will allow for opportunities within the field of art therapy to arise and reinforce the idea that art can be healing and life-enhancing for individuals in need. This would mean that I would be able to connect to youth through nature children’s book illustrations, as well as to other ages who simply seek healing through creation and connection to nature. I also hope to use this art platform to promote protecting our environment and partnering with individuals who want to bring about positive change within preserving nature. As I continue to grow and change as an artist I will use my chosen career path within illustration to become one step closer to achieving these goals.