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Ilse of Houston , TX
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HOPE in the Midst of fear - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

Monetary items never really caught my attention, so it's pretty easy to let money pass. I'm also known to be a spender. To me one thing that always hurt me to see in my hometown, that being Houston, is that there are so many homeless families in the street. Now i understand that people need to live the consequences of their actions, however there are people in the street who are there, not because of their doings, but because they are living the consequences of someone else. I am the type of person who believes that people do change and deserve a second chance at life. Maybe that person wants a change but doesn’t take the shot because they need a little push and words of encouragement. It has always hurt me to think of so many people sleeping on the ground while I slept on a comfortable bed,cozy and warm.
So the question was, if I was given $10,000 how would I use it to have a great impact on my hometown, I would use that money to give the person a second chance, those who want it. What do I mean by that? Well I am not the type of person who plans on just giving money to someone just because they’re homeless. What I mean is that I would go around and test the homeless and see if they really do want a change. I don’t plan on giving drug addicts more money so that they could buy more drugs. I don’t want to plant someone more into their addiction, but help them out of it, because I don’t want to be an accomplice to their self pain and addiction. Same goes for an alcoholic. With those $10,000 i want to pick someone up from their self-dug hole, not push them deeper into it.
I honestly believe that this would have a good impact for my hometown because it’s getting people out of the mess they’re in and give them an opportunity to a new beginning. A beginning they deserve, a new beginning they should have if they desire it.