Why I chose now by Heather

Heather's entry into Varsity Tutor's September 2020 scholarship contest

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Why I chose now by Heather - September 2020 Scholarship Essay

I am a married 25 year old mother of 4 kids. I made poor choices my junior year of high school by moving in with my at the time boyfriend who is now my husband and became pregnant my senior year of high school. I was suppose to graduate in 2014 but after giving birth in winter of 2014 I fell behind in school causing me to fail high school. My husband did not complete his high school education which has limited us financially. As of today I took a huge step forward by completing and receiving my GED within a month and now an official college freshman at American InterContinental University studying Criminal Justice.

The reason I chose now to pursue college is I want to become better for myself and family. I want to set a good example for my children on the value of education and pressing on towards the goal(s) of life. I chose to study Criminal Justice because I want to become a Law Enforcement Officer as its always been my child dream. I want to serve, protect, and make a difference in the world. I am currently active in the community as a Reserve Officer. My Chief of Police and Sargent are very supportive as I chose to pursue Law Enforcement.

As finances are tight, receiving a scholarship would not only help me to achieve my dreams but would better my entire family. I desire to help my husband by obtaining Law Enforcement career to help ease our financial burden. I want to make my children and husband proud of me.