Is education a right or a privilege? Why? by Emanuella

Emanuella's entry into Varsity Tutor's January 2021 scholarship contest

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Is education a right or a privilege? Why? by Emanuella - January 2021 Scholarship Essay

Who are we without an education? We are primitive creatures. We learn from the moment we are born. We learn from our mothers and fathers, we learn from our friends. We learn to love, to respect, to create, to be kind; and then we want to learn more … We start having dreams, then goals, we develop a passion for something. We start to search for things about how we can achieve our goals. Well, the answer might be quite simple that we all know: education and hard work. You say: ”I am ready”. I am ready to go and get an education, I am ready to work hard, I am ready to get to my goal. And sometimes, many of us can find out that the education that we want to get, the goal that we are aiming for is very expensive and you or/and your family simply can not afford it.
What if you or anyone in the same situation is the next genius, who will improve the world, who will make an incredible jump forward. What if you with all the right tools can invent something that will end poverty, will end suffering, will end illnesses, will stop wars, will make people happy, will save our planet.
Well, not everyone has the means to go to school, have the ability to afford it.
If you want to learn, if you have a strong urge to pursue your passion, if you have the drive then, you should be able to go and get the education you want.
Education should be your right! Education should not be only for privileged people. Education should be affordable for everyone.
To pursue my passion I need education first.
I want to be successful, well educated, and globally-minded.
Creating visual art gives me a voice. I want to create new forms and expand my knowledge. With my international experience and an open mind, I am certain that I will be an influential voice for my generation. If I am a voice, I need to speak an educated knowledge.
I do have a passion. And I am glad where I was born I have the right to be educated. I will be advocating for the right to be educated for everyone around the world, for those who are not so privileged like me to have an opportunity to go to school. I love creating music and art with people around the world. During the pandemic, I was collaborating with people over Zoom. We created a song that is being listed in more than 80 countries worldwide. It makes me so happy that a person I am writing a song with is on the other side of the planet and can contribute with an educated voice.
Education should be a right for everyone on our planet.
The song is called "We all" by Gustav Kemps and Em Glasser