The Experience that Taught me a Valuable Life Lesson by EDUARDO

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The Experience that Taught me a Valuable Life Lesson by EDUARDO - October 2013 Scholarship Essay

Everyone has learned a valuable life lesson outside of the classroom. These life lessons might have changed some people’s lives forever. In the beginning of this year, I lived through an experience that changed the way I see life and taught me a very important lesson. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, a severe illness, teaching me that there are always obstacles that appear in one’s life for a reason and that life just goes on.
To begin, I was diagnosed with a severe Ulcerative Colitis, which is the inflammation of the large intestine. Symptoms of this disease included abdominal pain, bloody stools, and fevers. It was the worst news I have ever received in my life. I had to deal with an inflammable bowel disease for the rest of my life. I would always think to myself why I received this disease at such a young age when I am only starting to live. The news was really devastating for me.
After I was discharged, I had to deal with this disease, meaning I had to eat healthy, to make sure I don’t get another flare-up. I had to deal with these flare-ups from time to time. These flare-ups were a problem for me in school. I usually didn't participate in extracurricular activities because of flare-ups and was often hospitalized frequently.
It wasn't until January of this year that I experienced a severe flare-up after my junior ring ceremony that I was forced to be hospitalized. What was yet to come was the worst part of this obstacle. My gastroenterologist performed some tests for a couple of days and came to the conclusion that I needed to get my large intestine removed and instead have a temporary colostomy bag. He said as well that if the large intestine wasn't removed, I would be at a high risk of getting colon cancer. I decided to get the surgery as I was tired of my frequent flare-ups.
In February, I received a surgery which required the removal of my large intestine. After my surgery, I was fine until I had complications after the surgery. My digestive system was paralyzed and wasn't working properly. I was then sent to intensive care following three more surgeries. After three months of recovery, I was finally discharged in the beginning of May. By that time I had lost forty pounds and could hardly walk after being in bed for a long time. I was then home schooled for the rest of the school year and received physical and psychological therapy after what I've been through for four months.
This experience was the most unique experience I have ever faced in my life. This experience taught me a life lesson that I would have never understood without going through this obstacle. This experience taught me that anything that may affect a person, whether it is mild or severe, may happen for a reason. This lesson taught me that if anything mild or severe were to affect me again later in the future, then I would have look at that situation in a positive manner, knowing that something good will come of it. In addition, this experience taught me as well that life goes on and there will be things that you will have to live with for the rest of your life whether it is a disease or maybe a death of a loved one. I am glad I went through this experience, as it taught me a valuable life lesson that I would have possibly never understood without this experience.