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Angelica Magnussen
Arlington, TX
November 2017

Foriegn Travels; Inspiration's Beacon - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

When reflecting on my own life I think about the words of New York Times bestselling author, Karen Salmansohn, “Everything good that has happened to your life has happened because something changed.” What I have learned from her life philosophy is that a stationary environment is no way to unlock dormant potential and ignite personal passions. I would like to study abroad to apply this same principle to my life as studying abroad would expose me to foreign cultures, diverse perspectives, and new levels of self discovery.

In addition to kindling, exploring an area I’ve never been to will grant me an opportunity to meet people with foreign lifestyles. Knowledgeable that not all people live the same way as Americans, I believe that I can experience these alternate ways of living by studying abroad. With hope, my education would be expanded outside of the typical classroom and onto the streets of a multicultural planet. Incredibly, foreign cultures would be teaching me! This perfect opportunity to encounter other cultures will help me foster understanding, bridge the gap between societal differences, and realize there is more than one way to something.

Studying abroad would enable me to gain new insights because I am being exposed to the unknown. In the best case, studying abroad would enable me to better comprehend global functions and become enlightened on the errors of these current systems. I would witness the issues other communities face that are not being addressed. Such awareness would allow me to understand how I can utilize my education opportunities to study and compile solutions. After completing the course abroad and returning to my home campus in the United States, certain lingering ambitions will resurface. This would be the spark to which I will be vigorously motivated to spark future change. Thus, I will be further encouraged to recognize the full scope of my resources to later return underrepresented communities and enact solutions.

I realize that change is necessary to grow. However, millions of youths are chronically losing ambition by choosing to stay in their comfort zone. To substitute adventure for a place more familiar is like watering the ground without planting a seed; creation becomes a missed opportunity. Travel to a foreign land would enable me to explore myself and build upon my appreciation for the planet. Like a child, our planet will become mystical and adventurous once again. Most importantly, a new perspective would enable me to uplift my fear and start my legacy.

In summary, exploration is the defining variable between discovering one’s own character, purpose, and talents. Participating in a foreign college course will also include a journey for some serious soul-searching. Such an experience would grant me newfound appreciation towards my college education as well as the quality of adaptability. Like an asteroid hurtling towards earth, studying abroad will give me the momentum to strike the foundations of modern civilization, shake my own core traditions, and help me meaningfully think about how I can imprint society with some much needed change.