Regret is a Self Imposed Punishment by Andrew

Andrewof Vincent's entry into Varsity Tutor's November 2014 scholarship contest

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Andrew of Vincent, OH
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Regret is a Self Imposed Punishment by Andrew - November 2014 Scholarship Essay

The words of the brilliant 19th century poet Alfred Lord Tennyson continue to ring truth throughout modern society and shine light upon the darkest places of ones inner self. No quote holding more truth than that of his poem "The Way of Soul" where it is said, "Tis better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all." When applying this ideology to the advice that should be supplied to an incoming high school freshman, the proposal of living without regret becomes a very real, and achievable goal. Experience all that is possible during your time spent in high school. The foundation that is built through trial and error processing during high school years will serve as a platform for that individual throughout their education, and beyond.

However, this advice of living without regret is not to be taken to the extreme. Being in high school requires a greater maturity level than what some may have prior experience with. The consequences of what one does today may very well be felt at a much later time. Past mistakes must also be neglected due to the baggage that they cause that individual to carry. Failure and inconsistency are going to happen. This is not just a fact of high school, but a generality for life. A person can only control how they react to chaos, not the production of it. Live in and experience the present, while developing skills and coping mechanisms to accomplish the ever evolving image that you hold for your future self.