10 Year Career Plan by Alyssa

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Alyssa of Malden, MA
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10 Year Career Plan by Alyssa - March 2020 Scholarship Essay

When I was in middle school I watched a family friend do some accounting work at home. I was fascinated. It looked like so much fun. In high school I signed up for accounting 1 honors and found that I loved it. I took accounting 2 honors my sophomore year. After that I decided to do dual enrollment at my local community college to focus on business prerequisites including principles of accounting 1 and 2 and introduction to corporate finance. My goal is to both save some money and get a head start in college in order to do a triple major in Accounting, Finance, and Financial Planning. From an academic perspective I always try my best and tend to do well academically
I plan to attend Merrimack College, a 4 year college, which offers all 3 majors. Since they have the same business prerequisite classes, by utilizing my dual enrollment credits which cover many of the general ed and some business classes, I will be able to obtain a triple Bachelor's Degree within 3 to 4 years. I plan to continue on and earn my Master’s Degree in in Accounting in order to have the number of required credits to become a Certified Public Accountant.
I also plan to enjoy college. I want to be active in the business club to learn more about business from a non classroom perspective. I have already been invited to participate in the figure skating club. I am excited to be able to continue advancing my skating and competing in intercollegiate skating competitions as well as skating during Hockey games.
Professionally I would like to work with low to middle income people. I would like to teach them financial planning and ways to use finances in order to become more financially independent. On my own, I want to help female teens and women either with financial issues or to help them learn what they need in order to get ahead. I want to be able to help women who want to start a business or need help learning about finances to run their own businesses more effectively. Personally I would like to have a satisfying job doing something I love, that helps others, and allows me to be able to financially take care of myself. I feel this schooling and career path will allow for both.
When I meet the right person I want to get married and start a family. I also want to follow my passion for figure skating and continue skating for fun and fitness. I am hoping to continue lessons and move up 1 or 2 levels while in college. Once I finish college I can switch to the adult skating program. I enjoy teaching and would love to find a group program that I can continue teaching beginners. I’m hoping to gain enough financial independence to be able to travel with family. I enjoy learning about other cultures and experiencing new countries. Of course I would also love to explore more within my own country as well.
On top of that I wish to set aside some money to start a charity that donates to various causes. The charity will help female youth. They will be able to apply for assistance as desired. For instance a student who wants to join band but can’t afford the instrument may get help. A middle income student may get a college scholarship. I would love to help a female student entrepreneur start and run a business and teach them the financial parts needed to succeed.
One dream I have is to open a store that specializes in the needs of female figure skaters. It would sell high quality figure skates for all levels and have employees who are professional skate fitters who are familiar with the needs of figure skaters. However that is just a small part of the store. I want to have designers make affordable skating clothes for both practice, competitions, and recitals. Of course I would also want all the other skating gear such as bags, skate guards, and the ability to design and order custom skating clothes for teams. The store would have space to offer off ice conditioning classes and a place where a skater could get help cutting music and making cds for skating routines that is afforded at a low rate. There would be a section for selling or donating used but excellent clothes and skates that are outgrown. Then next door to the store would be an olympic size skating rink. This rink would be for figure skaters so there would be a wide variety of hours available for practice, lessons (private and group) and public skating. Lessons would be available for beginners, freestyle, pairs, theater on ice, ice dance etc.
I believe a Master’s in Accounting and becoming a C.P.A with a background in finance and financial planning will allow me to do work I love while working with people who I want to help. It will also provide a way for me to help people with small charitable assistance. It would also allow me to continue skating and help spread the joy to other people. Having a wonderful job, family, and being able to pursue my passion is how my education will allow me to achieve my goals.