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I'm an undergraduate at UH-Clear Lake working on a B.S. in Mathematical Sciences. I've tutored for about two years now, including a year working at San Jacinto College's Math Center. It was a great experience because it was very busy and I got the chance to help dozens of students every day. However, I enjoy one-on-one tutoring the most because there is less pressure to help as many people as possible. Instead, I can focus on a single student for the entire session.

I have tutored a very diverse range of students. There have been grandmothers returning to school for the first time in 30 years, high school students taking challenging AP courses, and college students from many different backgrounds. No matter the person, I am always thrilled to get the chance to learn with my students and help them develop the skills to learn independently.

Most of my students are looking for help in mathematics courses, but I have also had students taking Chemistry and Physics courses both in high school and college. I particularly enjoy tutoring AP Physics and Chemistry students.

When I am not studying or tutoring math and sciences, I like to spend my time reading, playing my piano, or enjoying a nice day at the park with my dog. I am also a martial artist. I have been studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2008. It is a very technical art and I appreciate the benefits of challenging myself mentally and physically.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Houston-Clear Lake - Bachelor of Science, Mathematics

Math, Chemistry, Physics, Piano, Martial Arts, Travelling

College Chemistry

College Physics

High School Chemistry

High School Physics


Study Skills

Study Skills and Organization