What is it Like to Attend University of Arizona?

The tutors behind Varsity Tutors are not just here to teach – they’re sharing their college experiences with you as well. Aaron is a Tucson tutor who specializes in Accounting tutoring, Economics tutoring, and Business Mathematics. He is currently a senior at The University of Arizona and is majoring in Accounting. See what he had to say about his school: 

VT: How easy or difficult is it to get around on your campus? Is it hilly, do lots of people bike, are there buses, etc.

Aaron: The University of Arizona is very easy to get around. The campus is mostly flat with only a couple of hills. Tons of people ride their bikes around and through the campus because of the numerous bike paths. There are many bus stops on all edges of the campus, which makes it easy for people who live off of campus. Also, they are building a light-rail that spans from downtown Tucson to the center of campus!

VT: How helpful are the academic advisors?

Aaron: The academic advisors are incredible and really care about giving you the best advice. My academic advisor emails me when there are upcoming deadlines so I don’t forget about registering for classes or applying to programs I’m interested in. Also, my academic advisor has always been there for career advice!

VT: How would you describe the dorm life?

Aaron: The dorm life at The University of Arizona is, by far, one of the best parts of my college experience. All of the dorms are on campus and they are all spread out so not every student is stuck in the same area. This allows for students to explore the campus and to have their own place that feels like home. 

VT: Which majors/programs are best represented and supported?

Aaron: The Eller College of Management is one of the best business programs in the west coast. Also, the science and medical majors are very well represented and some of the best in the country. The university does a great job of giving you opportunities to meet with employers and expand your network.

VT: How easy or difficult was it for you to meet people and make friends as a freshman?

Aaron: It is very easy to meet people and make friends as a freshman. The University of Arizona does a great job of putting on social events. Some of the events include sand volleyball, movie screenings, and pep rallies.  

VT: How helpful is the Career Center?

Aaron: The University of Arizona Career Services office does a great job of making it easy for students to apply for full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and internships. Also, the Career Services office puts on many different workshops for practicing interviews and building your resume. 

VT: How are the various study areas? Libraries? The Student Union? Dorm lounges?

Aaron: There are tons of study rooms at the libraries and there are reserved rooms for honors students. There are plenty of study rooms in all of the dorms, which make it hard to ever want to leave your dorm except for food. Overall, the study space is plentiful and well maintained. 

VT: What is the surrounding town like? What are the best local attractions that make it unique?

Aaron: The surrounding town of Tucson is very supportive of The University of Arizona sports and they are always wearing the school colors. The hiking and golf is fantastic for the people who love to be outdoors. Also, the neighboring Mount Lemmonis beautiful at all times of the year. 

VT: How big or small is the student body and how does that affect your experience?

Aaron: The University of Arizona has a very big student body, which is great for trying to network. The class sizes are comparable to most universities, so they don’t hinder your ability to learn. As you get further along in your specific major, the classes get very small, which makes it very easy to ask questions and interact with your professor.

VT: Describe one memorable experience with a professor and/or class. Perhaps one you loved the most or one you dreaded the most.

Aaron: I remember one of my Classics professors, Mr. Lippman. He taught a class called “THIS IS SPARTA!” Every day, he would come on stage and just start talking. He didn’t use a projector or handouts. All he would do is start telling the story as if he was picking up where he left off. It was an incredible way of learning about an ancient culture!

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